"Are These Peaceful Muslims?"

Pictured on the right, restaurant owners, Daniel and Ahmed.

Pictured on the right, restaurant owners, Daniel and Ahmed.

"Are these peaceful Muslims?"

This is the question one couple asked Peace Catalyst's Kelly Perry before a recent Peace Feast in San Diego. It may be a question this particular couple asked, but it's definitely a sentiment that many people have when attending Peace Feasts or other Peace Catalyst events that involve meeting or interacting with Muslims for the first time.  

Many American Christians have at least a subconscious, if not more prominent, notion that Muslims are inherently violent or dangerous. However, many have also never met or developed friendships with Muslims, and that's why we've discovered that events like Peace Feasts are so powerful. As this couple engaged in conversation and asked questions, their perspective and understanding of Muslims began to shift, and they left that evening with a new perspective. They were able to go beyond what they see in the news and have a real, personal, face-to-face encounter with their Muslim neighbors.

If you're new to peacemaking but want to take a first step, Peace Feasts are a great way to start! To find a Peace Catalyst event near you, see our events page or contact a staff peacemaker in your area