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Habitat for Humanity Multifaith Service Project
Saturday, June 29, 2019
8am-1pm (lunch included)
Habitat for Humanity's ReStore
Mishawaka, IN
Hosted in partnership with IRUSA and the South Bend Women's Interfaith Lunch
Men and women of all faiths or no faith are invited to serve the community together, side by side. High school age and up.

RSVP to liz.anderson@peacecatalyst.org

Mohammad's Peacemaking Journey
Sunday, July 28, 2019
SeaChange Christ Community
9350 Independence Drive
Anchorage, AK
Join us as Peace Catalyst peacemaker Mohammad Ali shares his story and peacemaking journey!

Community Soccer Games
Colorado Springs, CO
Come join us for soccer, every Saturday. All are welcome.

Email sierra.ali@peacecatalyst.org for game times.

CATALYZE Peacemaking Trip
September 5-14, 2019
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Join us for this collaborative 10-day Muslim-Christian peacemaking experience. We'll engage Bosnia’s rich history and context in Sarajevo, Mostar, Trebinje & Srebrenica, learning lessons about peacemaking that can be applied anywhere, in any relationship.

See www.peacecatalyst.org/catalyze for details.

Be a Friendship Partner
Boise, ID
Want to be involved in the lives of refugees? Contact our Boise team to become a Friendship Partner to a local refugee family.

Email arm.laura@gmail.com for details.

English in the Park (Women)
Boise, ID
During the summer months we gather with as many refugee women and children as we can at various parks every other week. We'd love to have you join us!

Email arm.laura@gmail.com for details.

The Big Table Community Potluck
September 2019
Louisville, KY
Join us for Louisville's annual Big Table potluck. In a time with many opposing points of view, we need meaningful dialogue and respectful spaces to come together as neighbors. This is what we are hoping to create with The Big Table. There will be no central stage or entertainment schedule. The only goal will be to engage with each other, and leave as friends rather than strangers.

More details TBA

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