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We wage peace by bringing Muslims and Christians together and creating space for conversations to happen and real relationships to be built.


How We Do It

We believe that peace between Muslims and Christians IS possible. We see it all the time. We bring together Christians and Muslims to share meals and to learn about each other through honest conversations. Most often this happens by bringing together people from local mosques and churches, by hosting panel and group discussions, and by sharing meals at local restaurants or in homes. 




Community of Reconciliation
Peace happens when those who hold different beliefs take time to listen to each other. This is a space for Muslims and Christians to meet, learn, and begin friendships.
Contact for details and to RSVP.

Peace Feast
Contact for details and to RSVP.

Breaking Down Barriers
Join us February 23 for a Muslim-Christian panel followed by small group table discussion.
Email for more information.

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