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The Uyghurs of China

If you’ve kept up with recent world news, you may have heard what’s happening to the Uyghur people in China. Most ethnic Uyghurs identify as Muslim, and over one million of them are currently detained in Chinese prison camps just north of Tibet with the stated purpose of “preventing terrorism.” These prison camps resemble those established by oppressive regimes throughout history, and Uyghurs around the world are living with that deep pain. That’s why, through the bridge-building efforts of Peace Catalyst staff members Bill and Julie Clark, a Pasadena Foursquare church hosted close to 20 Uyghur adults and children for a Peace Feast.

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Supreme Court Travel Ban Ruling: How Do We Respond?

Today the Supreme Court has issued a ruling upholding President Trump’s travel ban on people from several Muslim-majority countries. As peacemakers, we are deeply disturbed by the anti-Muslim sentiment that has surrounded this travel ban and the ways that prejudice and discrimination have increased in our nation’s rhetoric. We will continue to stand alongside our Muslim and refugee neighbors to work for a country that upholds its own highest ideals.

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