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How to Find Goodness in People "On the Other Side"

A few days ago over coffee, I enjoyed a good conversation with a Muslim friend whom I met on my first trip to Bosnia. He shared with me how much he loved a recent message from Pope Francis that called Christians to focus on simplicity, charity, and love instead of the materialism and greed that usually accompanies the holiday season. He also lamented how Muslims are often trained to try to persuade Christians through arguments, rather than spending time learning about and from them.

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This is What Local Peacemaking Looks Like

It’s a diverse community with the potential for dangerous divisions. But it’s this very diversity that is bringing people of different faiths and all walks of life together. A major refugee resettlement city, Boise is home to new Americans from around the world, a majority of them Muslims, and Peace Catalyst peacemakers Nick and Laura Armstrong are at the heart of local efforts that are bringing community members together in deep and perhaps unexpected friendships.

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Bosnia's Youth Build Peace and Accept Differences

In mid-December, an NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina that we partner with called Small Steps hosted over 100 youth from around the country for a celebration concluding a 2-year program, “Encouraging Children to Accept Differences.” Over these last two years, the kids have gotten to know each other while participating in nonviolent communication workshops and traveling to neighboring municipalities to spend time with youth of other ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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