Rick Love


Dr. Rick Love is a peacemaker, consultant on Christian-Muslim relations, professor, ordained pastor, and certified mediator. He is a global citizen, having lived in Indonesia and England, and has traveled extensively, consulting and lecturing in over 40 countries. He has been making friends with Muslims for over 35 years. Find out more about Rick at www.ricklove.net.

Email Rick at ricklove@peacecatalyst.org.


Program Leads


Tim McDonell

Southern California Regional Director

Tim McDonell retired as a captain of the Los Angeles Fire Department after 32 years of service. When not putting out fires, he served as head of international ministry at the local church level. He and his wife Maria led short-term outreaches to Mexico and Indonesia, and more recently, he served as the Administrative Assistant to the Consultant for Christian-Muslim relations for Vineyard, USA. He and his wife now enjoy an excellent relationship with their local Islamic Center and many of its members.

Email Tim at tim.mcdonell@peacecatalyst.org.

Maria McDonell

Program Coordinator

As a first generation immigrant from Mexico, Maria has an understanding of the challenges facing people from other cultures. Maria enjoys serving in her church and her community and is an active member of the Woman’s Interfaith Network in Ventura County, California. Maria believes that building friendships with people of other faiths will help bring understanding that will lead to peace.

Kevin Grable

Program Director (Southern California)

Kevin’s first involvement with the Muslim community involved multi-faith conversations between Christians and Muslims on the campus of California State University. The openness of Muslim students to engage constructively with people of different faiths came as a pleasant surprise, and Kevin came to believe that an engagement with the wider Muslim community was in order. Since then, the Valley Vineyard church, where Kevin is a lay leader, has engaged in relationships with two mosques, with the support of leaders in the Muslim community. Kevin teaches a regular class at the Vineyard on relating to Muslims and understanding Islam from a Christian perspective.

Email Kevin at kevin.grable@peacecatalyst.org.

Kelly & Cameron Perry

Program Coordinators (California)

The Perrys' involvement with Peace Catalyst International began when they walked across the street to meet their new Somali Muslim neighbors, and they now feel a deep calling to initiate practical initiatives to involve the local church with the Muslim community in San Diego.

Email Kelly at kelly.perry@peace-catalyst.net and Cameron at mistercameron@peacecatalyst.org.


Mohammad Ali

Program Director (Colorado)

Ali was born and raised in Mazar E-Sharif, Afghanistan. In his home country he searched for someone to tell him about Jesus but couldn’t find a Jesus-follower or a Bible until he moved to Iran and eventually to Turkey, where he found a church and began following Jesus. Ali has since moved to the United States, where he remains involved in the Afghan and refugee communites.


Sierra Ali

Program Coordinator (Colorado)

Mohammad Ali

Program Coordinator (Colorado)

Sierra partners with her husband Mohammad Ali in Jesus-centered peacemaking with Afghans in Colorado Springs. They offer lavish hospitality and deep friendship to their Muslim neighbors.


Brian Wright

Colorado Representative

Guided by a belief that the Gospel is a call to transformation in every area of life, Brian has spent the past 15 years serving in churches, nonprofits, and higher education. An ordained pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church, he has worked in the areas of refugee resettlement, HIV/AIDS ministries, hunger and poverty advocacy, and multifaith dialogue.

Email Brian at brian.wright@peacecatalyst.org.



Bill Clark

Northwest Regional Director

Bill and his wife Julie lived and worked in China for 10 years before moving to Kazakhstan in 1996, where all three of their children graduated from high school. Living and working among Muslims since 1985 has birthed in them the desire to be peacemakers.

Email Bill at bill.clark@peacecatalyst.org.

Julie Clark

Program Coordinator (Washington)

Julie and her husband Bill lived and worked in China for 10 years before moving to Kazakhstan in 1996, where all three of their children graduated from high school. Living and working among Muslims since 1985 has birthed in them the desire to be peacemakers.

Email Julie at julie.clark@peacecatalyst.org.

Katie Sturm

Program Coordinator (Washington)

Katie began interfaith and peacemaking engagement while at Fuller Seminary and continued to pursue a Masters in Ecumenical Theology from the Irish School of Ecumenics. She has worked with a wide range of interfaith organizations and local groups. She is passionate about the process of sowing peace and empowering peacemaking in arising generations.

Email Katie at katie.sturm@peacecatalyst.org.

Nick & Laura Armstrong

Program Coordinators (Idaho)

Nick and his wife Laura have 23 years experience living in Indonesia, Laura working as a primary school educator and principal and Nick in relief and development, peacebuilding work in Sumatera and Central Java, and disaster response management and community development. They have now settled in Boise, Idaho, where they are working as a team to build peace by connecting local church members with refugees from around the world who have settled in their area.

Email Nick at nick.armstrong@peacecatalyst.org.



Martin Brooks

Midwest Regional Director

Martin has consistently promoted understanding and dialogue between people of various faiths based on mutual respect and the teachings of Jesus. He started a holistic educational program for the church leaders of Mozambique, and after the 2000 floods, helped several faith-based NGOs organize their relief projects. Working through the non-profit sector, he has been a catalyst for educational and development projects in Bosnia, Ghana, and Afghanistan. Martin and his wife Susan currently live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Email Martin at martin.brooks@peacecatalyst.org.

Liz Anderson

Program Coordinator (Indiana)

Liz used to think, "Oh, interfaith work, that's…nice. But I hope someone else does it — certainly not me!" What changed her mind? Teenage girls: taking Muslim and Christian teens away for weekend camps, watching them dominate an obstacle course together, paint each others' nails, and share incredibly deep, authentic conversations about faith and spirituality. She's now pretty convinced that helping these young people to talk to each other, disagree respectfully, and make genuine friendships is the future. And if you're up for it, she and her husband Peter want to help you have an equally transformative friendship in your life.

Email Liz at liz.anderson@peacecatalyst.org.

Peter Anderson

Program Coordinator (Indiana)

After working in Chicago as a youth pastor and photographer, Peter and his wife Liz moved to London to minister in a diverse and low-income neighborhood. During their time spent organizing Muslim-Christian community events, training people in peacemaking skills, and spiritually walking with neighbors, they developed passion for helping people actively work toward spiritual and social growth. At the end of their time in London, they moved to Indiana, where Peter is pursuing an MA in Peace Studies to further improve their peacemaking work.

Email Peter at peter.anderson@peacecatalyst.org.


Steve Lied

Program Coordinator (Wisconsin)

Steve and Karen lived in the Balkans from 1991-2012, co-starting a small IT company in Macedonia and directing Millennium Relief and Development Services’ Macedonia office. Since 2012, Steve and Karen have been based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they encourage Christians and Muslims to follow the way of the Messiah Jesus to love God and neighbor with their whole hearts, minds and strength.

Email Steve at steve.lied@peacecatalyst.org.


Hannah Claes

Program Coordinator (Ohio)

Hannah's love for cross-cultural relationships was birthed as she traveled the world with her parents on medical service trips. Later, while studying nursing at Ohio State University, Hannah took several courses on Arab culture, which, along with personal friendships with Muslims, further inspired an interest in multi-faith relationships and dialogue. Now working as both a registered nurse and Program Coordinator with Peace Catalyst, Hannah seeks to explore what holistic health for her community looks like.

Email Hannah at hannah.claes@peacecatalyst.org.




Thomas Davis

Southeast Regional Director | Global Peacemaking Coach

A native of South Carolina, Thomas has modeled and taught Jesus-centered peacemaking among Christians and Muslims for more than 15 years. He has learned from and lectured before beautifully diverse people in places like India, Indonesia, Romania, and Afghanistan and has enjoyed extended homestays internationally with both Christian and Muslim families. Thomas is committed to following all the ways and words of Jesus and inviting all his friends to join him in this ultimate faith adventure.

Email Thomas at thomas@peacecatalyst.org.


Neal Foster

Program Coordinator (Raleigh-Durham)

Coming from an evangelical/charismatic upbringing in Oklahoma, Neal has been vocationally involved in intercultural research and experiences since 2003. He spent a significant portion of that time in ten different countries in Africa, focusing on Muslim-Christian relations. He sees peacemaking and reconciliation as the primary expression of the Kingdom of God and the primary work of the church. Besides his family, his interests include basketball, theology, and heavy metal guitar solos.

Email Neal at neal.foster@peacecatalyst.org.


David Chavez

Program Coordinator

David grew up in South America, where he led outreach and ministries both in the city and in the Andean countryside. However, his heart grew for the Middle Eastern community after teaching English to refugees in Athens, Greece. In South Florida, he started Bridges Language Academy, an ESL school that assists large numbers of Middle Eastern refugees with immersion in the English Language and other aspects of their resettlement. David encourages local Christian students and churches to build lasting and meaningful friendships with these new immigrants in their community as well as with the rest of the local Muslim community.

Email David at david.chavez@peacecatalyst.org.


Benjamin Long

Texas Representative

Strictly out of motivations to work for a U.S. government security agency, Benjamin began learning Arabic while obtaining his B.A in 2005, which included a 3-month course at the University of Jordan. Upon his arrival, Benjamin’s negative perception of the culture was shattered as he was met with friendly, welcoming, and extremely gracious people. His “enemies,” through genuine relationships without conditions, radically altered his motives, putting him on a new path to pursue peace in the way Jesus taught. Today, Benjamin and his wife Sarah live in Dallas, Texas, where they are working to use the teachings of Jesus to break down the walls of hostility between Christians and Muslims.

Email Benjamin at ben.long@peacecatalyst.org.


Sarah Long

Texas Representative

Sarah has a deep passion and belief that the gospel of Jesus is applicable and transformative in all aspects of conflict. She has been actively involved in peacemaking amidst the refugee crisis, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and is currently engaged in bridging the gap between Muslim and Christian communities in the American South. Sarah and her husband Benjamin have traveled extensively all over the world and lived in Cairo, Egypt from 2009 to 2012.

Email Sarah at sarah.long@peacecatalyst.org.




Becca Pugh

Program Coordinator

Becca grew up in Pittsburgh but later moved to Washington, D.C. to earn her Bachelors from American University. There she studied International Studies with a concentration in the Middle East and Arabic. She also spent time abroad in Jordan living with a Muslim host family, and it was there that she first discovered the beauty of interfaith relationships. She went on to get an M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and continues to care deeply about the plight of refugees in the U.S. and abroad. She also focused her capstone research on Palestinian-Israeli conflict transformation, and continues to have a passion for Middle East peace.

Email Becca at becca.pugh@peacecatalyst.org.



Bryan Carey

Peacemaker | Consultant (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Bryan has a persistent habit of immersing himself in cross-cultural relationships and enjoys inviting friends and acquaintances to interact with those who are different from them. He has worked in various capacities alongside pastors in Peru, members of the homeless community in Houston, Muslim refugees in Roanoke and Atlanta, and the African-American community in Atlanta. Most recently, he spent a year in Kosovo with his wife Stephanie and son Jack learning about ethno-religious tensions and current practices being utilized to promote peace.

Email Bryan at bryan.carey@peacecatalyst.org.

Stephanie Carey

Peacemaker | Consultant (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Stephanie is drawn to spaces where people of various backgrounds and perspectives meet to befriend and learn from one another across differences of ethnicity, race, religion, worldview, and economic class. After volunteering in Cambodia and Zambia, she moved to Atlanta in 2012 with her husband, Bryan, where she was involved with Atlanta's refugee and homeless communities, racial reconciliation work on Atlanta's West Side, and international student groups at Emory University. She, Bryan, and their son Jack also lived in Kosovo for the past year delving into the local language and culture.

Email Stephanie at stephanie.carey@peacecatalyst.org.

Jaime Harris

International Peacemaker & Educator

Jaime and his family live in Indonesia, where for the past 20 years they’ve promoted peace and reconciliation through education, serving the poor, organizing interfaith events, establishing a Peace Café, and inviting Muslims and Christians to pray together in a unique House of Prayer. As an author, Jaime has written books promoting peace in both Indonesian and English. He’s been blessed to speak on issues of peacemaking and prayer in several nations.

Email Jaime at jaime.harris@peacecatalyst.org.

Nathan F. Elmore

Peacemaker | Consultant | Writer

Since 2006, Christian-Muslim relations has been a strong area of personal interest and active engagement. Nathan has had wide-ranging experiences with Muslims—participating in a year-long Quran study at the mosque of the Islamic Society of Clemson; directing a campus ministry which initiated and hosted dialogues, common meals and service projects bringing together Christian and Muslim students; and adventuring in the Muslim-majority country of Oman through a travel-study program.

Email Nathan at nathan.elmore@peacecatalyst.org.



Brian Cline

VP of Operations

Brian has over 15 years of professional experience in management consulting, with a focus on strategy development and operational improvement. He is originally from Ohio but currently splits his time between California and New York. He became a Christian in his youth and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theological Studies. Having visited all 50 states, all 7 continents, and more than 100 countries, Brian has seen firsthand the importance of peacemaking and the need for interfaith community.

Email Brian at brian.cline@peacecatalyst.org.

David Vidmar

Director of Coaching | Program Coordinator

From childhood, David has enjoyed close friendships with people of diverse backgrounds who have shaped his life. He was a teacher and then school principal for 15 years before spending seven years in Kazakhstan with his wife, Teri, and their children. David now lives with his family near UC Davis, California and is working to build communities of reconciliation, dialogue, and friendship between Muslims, Christians, and others.

Email David at david.vidmar@peacecatalyst.org.

Nicole Gibson

Director of Communications

Nicole has traveled to various countries around the world and worked with people of diverse backgrounds, religions, and cultures through her work as a photographer and church leader. She has come to see the power of communication, both written and visual, to affect the way we view the world and those around us, for better or worse. Nicole is an internationally-recognized, award-winning photographer and desires to see all forms of media used to break down barriers and stereotypes and to promote peace.

Email Nicole at nicole@peacecatalyst.org.


Rebecca C.E. Brown

Grants Manager | Ohio Representative

Rebecca is passionate about channeling philanthropy toward peacebuilding because of its power to break the cycles of seemingly intractable, violent conflict. Inspired by the heart of Jesus and inclined toward social justice, her experience includes launching grassroots Muslim-Christian peacemaking projects in Ohio with a focus on storytelling. She graduated with a BA in Conflict Transformation and Middle East Studies from North Park University (2011).

Email Rebecca at rebecca.brown@peacecatalyst.org.


Fran Love

Spiritual Director

Fran has over 30 years of experience in cross-cultural ministry and organizational leadership in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Her life and cross-cultural experiences have sensitized her to the value of interpersonal and multi-faith peace-making. In her work as a trained Spiritual Director she helps people practice peace within themselves and with God. She has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Westmont College, an M.A. in Christian Ministries from Hope International University, is an ordained minister in the Vineyard, and is a certified Spiritual Director.

Learn more about Fran and spiritual direction at her website http://www.franlove.com.



Rick Love.jpg

Rick Love

Board of Directors

Dr. Rick Love is a peacemaker, consultant on Christian-Muslim relations, professor, ordained pastor, and certified mediator. He is a global citizen, having lived in Indonesia and England, and has traveled extensively, consulting and lecturing in over 40 countries. He has worked over 35 years with Muslims. Find out more about Rick at www.ricklove.net.

Michael Ly.jpeg

Michael Ly

Chairman of the Board

Michael was born and raised in a Chinese-Cambodian refugee home after his parents escaped the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime. Growing up in a Christian and Ancestral-Buddhist home, Michael started following the teachings of Jesus at a young age. He is a serial entrepreneur and accounting professional, currently serving as CEO of Reconciled It. Michael has served in a variety of ministry capacities for churches and non-profits.

MichelleGarred* - Michelle Garred square.jpg

Michelle Garred

Board of Directors

Dr. Michelle Garred is an applied researcher using her 20 years of experience to make peacebuilding practice more effective and just. As the Principal Consultant at Ripple – Peace Research and Consulting, Michelle advises mission-driven organizations on increasing their effectiveness in conflict-affected contexts through strategy development, monitoring, evaluation, and collaborative learning. An expert in identity-based conflict, her latest book is Making Peace with Faith: The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding (2018, edited with Mohammed Abu-Nimer).

Dave Robinson square.jpg

David Robinson

Board of Directors

Dave is currently World Vision International’s Senior Advisor for Operations in Muslim contexts. This takes him regularly to Africa, Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East to advise and design WV ministry among Muslims. For six years, Dave and his family lived in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, during which time their friendships with Mauritanians gave him a deep appreciation for what Christians can learn from Muslims and vice versa. From 1991 to 2000 Dave was WV’s Director of Christian-Muslim Relations and coordinated inter-religious conflict resolution and peace-building initiatives. He trained WV staff and boards in Christian-Muslim relations in Asia and Africa. In 1999 he directed WV Albania and initiated inter-religious conflict resolution work for WV in Kosovo. From 2000 to 2008 he served as World Vision’s Vice President for the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe Region, based in Cyprus. Dave's leadership in World Vision and his work among Muslims for the last 40 years make him an invaluable resource for Peace Catalyst.

David Tran square.png

David Tran

Board of Directors

Based in San Diego, David enjoys identifying and cultivating partnerships between Christians and Muslims. In 2017 he helped orchestrate an interfaith Saturday picnic for over 500 Syrian refugees who had just resettled to San Diego. He loves living in the margins and telling stories of peacemakers who advocate for those who need it the most. As his day job, David leads growth as the Head of Marketing at Sendlane, a cross-channel marketing automation platform serving eCommerce and Content Creators. David holds a BA in International Economics, a BS in Biochemistry, and an MBA from UC San Diego with a focus in digital marketing and storytelling. He is co-founder at City Heights Coffee House, a non-profit social enterprise providing workforce training to young adults facing barriers to employment, including refugee, justice-involved, and foster youth. He currently serves as Board President and oversees Marketing and Partnerships.


Rick Love

President | Co-founder | Chairman of the board

Martin Bio here

Email Martin at martin@peace-catalyst.net.