What is Peace Feast?

At Peace Catalyst, we do this thing - which we would love others to reproduce around the world - called Peace Feast. We've got two events coming up in Phoenix, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to share a few blog posts about what Peace Feast is, what the vision for it is, and how it got started. So for today, what is Peace Feast?

The Peace Feast is a movement of “dinner clubs,” frequently gathering at ethnic restaurants in order to learn about other cultures, enjoy good conversation, and seek the flourishing of their local and global community.

Each group that launches a Peace Feast will organize regular gatherings (usually monthly) at an ethnic restaurant. Some groups may want to focus on one restaurant, while other groups may want to rotate between restaurants. The organizers will invite musicians, speakers, artists, or other presenters who will help people experience some aspect of the culture or some global issue.

The Two Goals of Peace Feast

1) To give people a taste of other cultures and to learn about their global neighbors.
2) To financially support ethnic restaurants as a gesture of love and an affirmation of their presence in the community.

How you can start a Peace Feast

We would love to help you start a Peace Feast in your area. Contact us and we will send you a Leader’s Guide that will help you get Peace Feast started in your city.