What's the Vision for Peace Feast?

What if communities all over the United States - and all over the world - launched Peace Feasts? What if there was a Peace Feast Phoenix, a Peace Feast Chicago, a Peace Feast London, and a Peace Feast Dubai? What if each feast came with an attitude that promotes humbly receiving blessing and generously extending blessing?

All good, beautiful, and delicious things come from God. He has blessed our cities with amazing restaurants from places like Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Burma and more. He created our taste buds so that our hearts would be become increasingly more grateful with every bite of our Tikka Masala, savory curry dishes, and skillfully grilled kebabs.

God has hidden His beauty and creativity in the various cultures of the world. It would take hundreds of days and thousands of dollars to travel the world, but God has blessed us by bringing ethnic restaurants to our neighborhoods. Instead of traveling for 20 hours, we only have to drive for 20 minutes to get a taste of the cultures of this world.

What if we made it our goal to see these restaurants flourish? What if we went often, tipped well, and made it our responsibility to promote these wonderful restaurants? What if we turned our meal times into intentional opportunities to bless restaurant owners from countries like Somalia, India, Iran and Iraq?

What if there was a movement of people who traded their Taco Bell for Tikka Masala, who exchanged their Kentucky Fried Chicken for chicken kebabs, who passed on Diary Queen to make room for the Dim Sum?

Peace Feast is a call to trade in your cheeseburgers for the good of the community. Maybe it’s because people have cultural stereotypes, or maybe it’s because people don’t know about the restaurants, but many ethnic restaurants struggle to stay in business. Our business could help these restaurants stay open, which is important because they can serve as our windows to the world.

This is what we are doing through Peace Feast in Phoenix, and we would love for you to join us. If you live in Phoenix, we hope to see you at Peace Feasts in the area, and if you don't live in Phoenix, we hope you'll start this in your own city. Just contact us and we'll send you a Leader’s Guide to help you get a Peace Feast started.