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 September 5-14, 2019

Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) has become home to some of the world’s best inter-religious peacemakers. On this trip, we will engage Bosnia’s rich history and context in Sarajevo, Mostar, Trebinje & Srebrenica, learning lessons about peacemaking that can be applied anywhere, in any relationship.

This experience includes pre-trip trainings, 10 days in BiH, 5 days of collaboration with a group of local Muslims & Christians, lectures & workshops, mosque & church visits, relationship building time, service projects, and post-trip followup.

Trip cost: $750 (international flights not included)

Application deadline is July 15th.

+ What is the trip?

Catalyze is a 10-day collaborative Christian-Muslim peacemaking experience in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH). A visiting group from the United States will learn alongside and travel together with a group of local Bosnians, mostly Muslim with some Catholic and Orthodox participants as well. This experience is a trip, a peacemaking training, and an opportunity for uncommon friendships so that all participants, both visitors and locals, can explore, learn, and grow together as people of diverse faiths.

Participants will learn about the rich history of inter-religious respect and collaboration in BiH, recognize the ways in which faith was utilized during the Bosnian War, and journey with local peacemaking practitioners to explore how we can live out and talk about our faiths in ways that recognize our differences but still propel us toward collaboration, even in times of division, fear, or hostility.

+ Why Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Our global community seems more fractured and divided than ever, with religion often used as a tool to contribute to a climate of distrust, polarization, and fear. Bosnia & Herzegovina is no stranger to the weaponization of religion, but it also has a long history of inter-religious respect and collaboration across differences. For that reason, BiH is home to a unique generation of peacemakers who grew up with a deep affection for their religious neighbors but who have also been dealing with alternative facts, dueling narratives, inflammatory rhetoric, and the political weaponization of religious identity for the past 25 years. These peacemakers have survived and overcome a great deal, and their wisdom and experiences in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of inter-religious peace building can inspire and empower religious peacemakers all around the world.

+ What does the trip include?

Individuals and small groups participating in Catalyze will experience pre-trip video conversations and trainings, the collaborative peacemaking experience in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), and post-trip debrief and followup to apply what they’ve learned in their own communities and cities.

Pre-trip video conversations and trainings

The Catalyze Christian-Muslim peacemaking experience includes video-conversations and trainings for participants before the actual trip even begins. Our goal is to provide participants with an introductory knowledge of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s history and conflict so that they will be better equipped to 1) understand the BiH context, 2) recognize challenges and opportunities in peace work among groups of different faiths and ethnicities, 3) take their learning deeper while experiencing the Catalyze peacemaking experience, and 4) take part in thoughtful local conversations with reflective and empathic questions. During the video conversations and trainings, we will also introduce participants to peacemaking theology and help participants have the tools and practical skills needed to collaborate in building peace with those of other faiths.

The Catalyze Christian-Muslim peacemaking experience

Participants will have the chance to travel around Bosnia, learn about its rich history, collaborate with a local group of Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox people, and learn how to become peacemakers in their own context from and with some of the most experienced inter-religious peacemakers in the world.

Post-trip debriefing, followup, and application

The goal of this peacemaking experience is to equip participants, both locals and visitors, with the understanding, skills, and practices to become peacemakers between people of different faiths in their home contexts. Optional (but encouraged!) post-trip video conversations will allow participants to reconnect with one another and process their experience while also walking through how to apply what they’ve learned back home. Peacemaking is hard! No one should have to go it alone.

+ What's the itinerary?

*This is a working schedule, subject to changes.

September 5

  • Participants arrive in Sarajevo
  • Orientation and team building

September 6

  • Tour Sarajevo's Old City
  • War Childhood Museum
  • Cable car to Trebevic (Olympic Mountain)
  • Muslim hospitality

September 7

  • Visit Srebrenica, site of Bosnian genocide
  • Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center
  • Discussion: competing narratives & alternative facts

September 8

  • Worship with local Protestant church
  • Review of inter-religious peacemaking in preparation for collaborative experience with local group

September 9

  • Day 1 of collaboration with local group
  • Team building with local peacemaker Amra Pandzo
  • Religious violence and peace with Nerzuk Curak

September 10

  • Day 2 of collaboration with local group
  • Visits to Franciscan theological school and local mosque
  • Maintaining uniqueness nonviolently

September 11

  • Day 3 of collaboration with local group
  • Visit to Orthodox monastery with Father Danilo
  • "Dialogue of the hands" - joint service project

September 12

  • Day 4 of collaboration with local group
  • Visit to Trebinje - life as a minority
  • Team building experience

September 13

  • Day 5 of collaboration with local group
  • Steering a way forward with Friar Ivo Markovic and Imam Maid Aladuz
  • Home context application and Closing

September 14

  • Goodbyes and sendoff
  • Participants depart from Sarajevo

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