Featured Peacemaker: David Shenk

by Rick Love



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When God turned my life toward peacemaking, I had a difficult time finding a mature evangelical leader who was both an authentic peacemaker and a faithful witness to Jesus. But I finally found one in David Shenk.

Dr. David W. Shenk was born and raised in Tanzania. After working in education in Somalia for ten years and lecturing in comparative religion and church history at Kenyatta University in Kenya for six years, he is now a global consultant for Eastern Mennonites, specializing in Christian-Muslim relations.

I met David years ago and have enjoyed reading his books and articles, but in the last few years I have had the privilege of watching him up-close-and-personal with Muslims. He models an integrated commitment to the good news of peace and Jesus’s teaching about the way of peace. His commitment to peacemaking in the way of Jesus and his winsome, joyful manner has gained David access to over 100 countries. He loves people, models peace, and is a bold and respectful witness.

Most of you will not have the opportunity to watch David in action. But you can learn something about the peaceable ways of Jesus by reading his books: