Video: Jim Mullins

Can you be peacemaker without being a politician, religious leader, or wealthy philanthropist? Can average people have any real impact for peace? Jim Mullins, co-founder of Peace Catalyst, promotes the idea of “carrot cake peacemaking” and encourages people to be creative with the resources around them and their own strengths in order to build peace. You do not need to be a politician or a diplomat to be a peacemaker, but you can choose to wield your God-given time, talent, and treasure to creatively love your neighbor and pursue peace in this conflicted world.


  • Look up “Muslims” on Google images. How many images do you see linked to conflict, violence, and hostility? How many of these images are a part of what you think of when you talk about Muslims?
  • What are some of your talents and resources?
  • Take 10 minutes and think of ways you could leverage your talents and resources to bless others and contribute to human flourishing.