Video: Mustafa Akyol

Mustafa Akyol, a well-known Turkish journalist, discusses the difference between the Islamic faith and local traditional practices. In this compelling TED talk, Akyol asserts that traditions change and vary between regions, countries, communities, and are often shaped by globalization and other global activity. Although some practices aren’t necessarily found in Islamic text, they can become the predominant way society understands the Islamic faith. Sadly, this can lead to stereotypes and suspicions.


  • What traditions do you associate with religions, Islam, Christianity, and/or Judaism?
  • If you participate in a religion, do you practice any traditions that are not a part of your religious text or core beliefs? ( Ex. The sinners prayer, stained glass, youth ministry… )
  • What do you believe are the core beliefs and practices within Islam? Where do you get your information?
  • Do you have any beliefs that are similar to these Islamic values?