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Peace and Justice Take to the Streets

What if people of all faiths, colors, genders, and political affiliations could unite and stand together for the cause of peace and justice? On Sunday, we did just that. The Interfaith March for Peace and Justice was a coast-to-coast coordinated event that took place in 12 cities across the U.S. to affirm freedom of religion and to stand against racial and religious discrimination. Peace Catalyst was part of three of these marches, in Columbus, Ohio; Boise, Idaho; and Oxnard, California. 

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Christians and Muslims for Safe, Just, and Vibrant Cities

On April 9-11, we convened a “Seek the Peace of the City” consultation at Duke University to catalyze and equip a national network of Christians and Muslims to create safe, just, and vibrant cities. Over 40 attendees representing 12 cities gathered for two days to learn together and begin forming plans to combine our efforts for the next two years to bring about transformation in our respective cities. 

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