UNC Shooting & Peace Catalyst Mourning in North Carolina

by Thomas Davis

This post is written by Thomas Davis, a Peace Catalyst staff member in the Raleigh area. Though it is not clear whether this was purely a hate crime or involved some other motive, we join in the grief over this loss of life. 

This is a sad morning here in the Raleigh area, as we are grieving the loss of lives. Most of you have heard the news already that young Muslim lives were taken last night in a shooting near UNC.

This is a beautiful, kind, loving, and generous family. They have worked here for peace between Muslims, Christians and Jews. And they have worked to help refugees in their native Syria. 

I have dined with the victims and their family in their home and am saddened today by the news of this tragedy.

Here is a photo (from CNN) of the three who were killed: