Featured Peacemaker: Bob Roberts



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As we continue our series of featured peacemakers here on the blog, today we highlight Bob Roberts, a must-know in the world of peacemaking.

Not only is Bob the senior pastor at NorthWood church in Keller, TX and involved in church planting and development in countries like Mexico and Vietnam, but he's also the leading voice on something he calls "glocalization," the meeting and blending of global and local. He wrote the book on the subject, Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World (along with other books) and founded Glocal Ventures, a nonprofit to develop communities in Vietnam.

Bob’s latest book, Bold as Love, describes his pilgrimage into a life of radical, loving service in an interconnected world. Like his previous books, it is filled with examples of bridge-building love and faith-stretching stories – funny stories. He especially highlights his peacemaking efforts between Christians and Muslims.

Instead of putting on a “missions conference,” this Southern Baptist pastor puts on what he calls the Global Faith Forum (GFF). He invites imams, rabbis, pastors, politicians, business leaders, journalists, socialists, and atheists to his church. The GFF provides a safe space for followers of Jesus to engage those outside their faith and to learn how to obey both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.