Featured Peacemaker: Josh Daneshforooz



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In the coming months, we'll be highlighting a different Jesus-centered peacemaker or organization once a month. These are people that you need to know if you are interested in peacemaking, and the first one we'd like to highlight is Josh Daneshforooz. 

I first met Josh in Washington DC in 2010 at a conference about perspectives on mission and partnership between Evangelicals & Muslims. He impressed me immediately. It didn’t hurt that he's a Harvard graduate and that we are both Westmont College alumni!

But Josh isn’t only smart. God also sovereignly prepared him to become a peacemaker. Josh’s father is an Iranian Muslim and his mother an American Christian, so he grew up in a multi-religious family, and it was in this context that he learned how to follow Jesus and love those of different faiths.

In addition to his work in leadership training and consulting, Josh authored Loving Our Religious Neighbors, a brilliant book in which he weaves his personal story into a tapestry of solid biblical teaching coupled with practically tested ways to build bridges. In the book, he uses the nine fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 as a framework for relating to the “other.” I used this book for my course on Muslim-Christian-Jewish Relations at William Jessup University and the students loved it!

Do yourself a favor and check out Josh's website and this blog post to get to know more about his work.