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Interfaith Community Service Day Helps Habitat for Humanity

What do you have to do to get a bunch of teenagers out of bed at the crack of dawn during their summer vacation? Would you guess the answer is giving them a way to serve their community? Last Saturday we gathered together to help Habitat for Humanity for a day of interfaith community service. We started bright and early, and right on time as the doors opened we had 21 high school and college students ready to get to work. All together we had 36 Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends, and one Hindu.

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Peace and Justice Take to the Streets

What if people of all faiths, colors, genders, and political affiliations could unite and stand together for the cause of peace and justice? On Sunday, we did just that. The Interfaith March for Peace and Justice was a coast-to-coast coordinated event that took place in 12 cities across the U.S. to affirm freedom of religion and to stand against racial and religious discrimination. Peace Catalyst was part of three of these marches, in Columbus, Ohio; Boise, Idaho; and Oxnard, California. 

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The Only Way

"To tell you the truth, I've done the normal, 'nice' interfaith stuff, and now I want something different," my Muslim friend said as he looked down at his coffee. "I want to start a group that takes seriously working for peace, compassion, and justice - we need to stand up for each other and really work for the good of our neighbor. I think you would agree - are you interested?"

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