There's Enough Hostility in the World. Make Peace Instead.

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You don't have to live with the violence and hatred in the headlines.

You can #MakePeaceInstead.


While the rest of the world is reading news about the one million people in government-run concentration camps in China, through Peace Catalyst you're helping to write a different story.

“Your names will be famous among the Uyghur people because you stood with us in our darkest hour.”

The Uyghurs in the room said this to our peacemaking team as we advocated for this persecuted Muslim group at the State Department and Congress, and this is only one story among many.

Peacemaking teams of Muslims and Christians are working together in cities across the U.S. and around the world to heal the fear and division that leads to violence.

This work happens because of you, so with every year-end donation you can help expand these partnerships and bring peacemaking teams to even more cities. All gifts given before December 31 will also be amplified by $2500 in matching funds!


There's enough violence in the world. By giving to Peace Catalyst International, you can make peace instead.