Fuller Journal: Evangelicals and Islamophobia

"Within a hyper-Islamized-American context, evangelicals have responded to Islam in a myriad of ways. On the one hand, some evangelicals have responded through expressions of fear and condemnation. This is a response which views Islam as terroristic, violent and a threat to 'Western values.' Yet another reaction is confusion and paralysis. As a result, many evangelicals have opted for a posture of silence. In this case, the most urgent and pressing questions among evangelicals remain dormant—relegated to conversations over dinner with friends or following a board meeting with like-minded people.

"In October 2015, the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD), Peace Catalyst International (PCI), and the Dialogue Institute (DI) convened a conference at Temple University designed to help evangelicals and others understand the consequences of and develop thoughtful responses to Islamophobia in the United States." 

This is from the Introduction of the latest edition of Fuller Seminary's online Journal, all about Evangelicals and Islamophobia. The journal issue features a variety of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish voices as well as papers from the above-mentioned Temple Conference. This is a rich resource with a diversity of perspectives, and we highly recommend it! 

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