Lumen Video: Mike Erre

How can someone engage in respectful dialogue without compromising their deeply held beliefs? Teaching pastor at Mariners Church in Mission Viejo, Mike Erre, speaks on the necessity of “multi-faith dialogue” as an alternative to “interfaith dialogue.” “Multi-faith dialogue” is a genuine meeting of individuals who may not share similar beliefs, values, and/or experiences but are willing to meet, share their lives, and work for the common good. Multifaith promotes love rather than just tolerance, conviction over compromise, and above all the rule of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Mike gave this talk at Lumen, an innovative conference of faith and culture, on the 10th anniversary of September 11th.


  • Who in your life may not share your beliefs, values, and/or experience?
  • Mike Erre asserts that Christians should begin multifaith interaction with confession of sin. Are there ways that your sin has negatively affected people of other faith? What sin do you need to confess to God and your neighbor?
  • Mike quotes several passages from the Bible. Which passage challenges you the most?
  • What benefits can you foresee in using the “multi-faith dialogue” method over the “inter-faith” dialogue?