Bosnians Recover a Tradition of Inter-Religious Hospitality

Before the Bosnian War in the early 90’s, Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoyed a long-held tradition of Christians hosting Muslims for Iftar during Ramadan, and Muslims hosting Christians during Lent and around Christmas or Easter. Before the war, it was very normal for neighbors to celebrate one another’s religious holidays with them through hospitality in one another’s homes, especially in Sarajevo where there was such diversity and even intermarriage between people of different faiths. Things like this happened all the time. But that was before the war. Now, in 2019, when our pastor suggested not only inviting members of the congregation to show up to an Iftar somewhere, but to actively host one on our own turf – well, that was a little unusual.

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Five Reasons Christians Should Attend an Iftar During Ramadan

We’re all about gathering Muslims and Christians together in ways that foster relationship, and Ramadan is a great time to do that. Our Muslim friends are already gathering many evenings throughout the month to break their fasts together, and they often invite us into their space to share this meal with them. Sometimes Christians are hesitant about the idea, though, perhaps fearing the unknown or not wanting to appear supportive of another religion. So here are a few reasons I think it’s important and valuable for Christians to attend an Iftar meal during Ramadan.

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Nicole Gibson