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Susan Brooks


Susan Brooks, M.Ed., started teaching English and art in 1987. In 1996 she moved with her husband Martin and their three children to Mozambique, where she taught art and English at an international school. After returning home and teaching in Kentucky high schools for nearly ten years, she then traveled to Turkish Cyprus in 2009 and taught American Literature and English at Near East University. Susan enjoyed hosting students, most of whom were Muslim, in her home and building relationships with them. In 2011 the family returned again to Kentucky, where Susan currently enjoys painting, drawing, and writing while teaching art at Portland Christian School. Recently, Susan has exhibited her artwork in several galleries in Louisville, including her solo show, “A Celebration of Color,” in July of 2018.  Her time living overseas has influenced her work, and Susan enjoys working with the international community in Louisville by participating in various activities such as the “We Create” art events with Kentucky Refugee Ministries and hosting internationals in her school art classes and in her home. Susan writes about her art and peacemaking adventures on her blog, www.susanebrooks.com.

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