Our Impact

We wage peace by bringing Muslims and Christians together and creating space for conversations to happen and real relationships to be built. We take a Jesus-centered approach to peacemaking by striving to imitate him, follow his teachings, and demonstrate his love in all that we do. 



There's nothing like food to bring people together, and we've seen that sharing a meal goes a long way toward breaking down barriers, stereotypes, and misconceptions. Whether Christian or Muslim, we invite you to join us for a meal and get to know those of another faith. To hear their stories, learn about their background, and maybe even gain some new friends. 


group discussions

We know that, between Christians and Muslims, there are real questions you want answered. We also believe the best way to address them is to talk to each other, not about each other. Real peace begins when we can have genuine, respectful, and open conversation with the goal of honestly learning about one another. Find Peace Catalyst in your area, and join in the conversation with us.  



Whether you're looking to host a training at your church, school, or mosque, or whether you want to equip yourself to be a better peacemaker, we're here to help. We offer group trainings, online courses, personal resources, and more.