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Brian Cline


Brian has over 15 years of professional experience in management consulting, with a focus on strategy development and operational improvement. He is originally from Ohio but currently splits his time between California and New York. He became a Christian in his youth and is currently pursuing a Masters in Theological Studies. Having visited all 50 states, all 7 continents, and more than 100 countries, Brian has seen firsthand the importance of peacemaking and the need for interfaith community. 

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Recent Activities

I’ve been focusing a lot of improving PCI’s operational and financial capabilities including:

  • Streamlining our status reporting capabilities

  • Implementing a portal for employee resources and building out our training capabilities

  • Streamlining our hiring and new employee onboarding capabilities

  • Implementing a team collaboration platform

  • Implementing numerous enhancements to PCI’s website

Upcoming Plans

  • Implementing a new accounting system and bringing PCI’s accounting in-house which should result in significant savings

  • We have a goal to hire 10 new Program Leads in 2019

  • Continue to standardize the program/event categorizes and build logic models to build out our marketing materials and more easily secure grants funding