Come To The Table

Come to the table graphic 3.png

We need to talk. We need to come to the table. Not the negotiating table—the dinner table. 

I’m sure you see and feel the painful divides in our world over immigration, race, and Muslims (to name a few).  How can we bridge these divides?  One simple way is to follow Jesus’ example.  Jesus broke down divisions by coming to the table with friends and enemies, religious leaders and non-religious “sinners.”That’s why we work for  peace by bringing people to the table, and we want you to join us.


At one peacemaking dinner in Columbus, Jill arrived never having a met a Muslim (a friend invited her). She showed up at the Mosque actually afraid, but within minutes some kind Turkish women sat with her and started making conversation. As a direct result of that dinner Jill began serving some of the most vulnerable Muslims in the city at a local drop-in center. At the table, she overcame her fear and is now a blessing to the nations!


At the table fear dissolves and hate disappears. At the table people aren’t stereotypes; they’re moms, dads, students, nurses, teachers, and lawyers. They’re PEOPLE.


Would you help Peace Catalyst International get more people to the table? We are recruiting staff in new cities and equipping present staff to accomplish even more. Our peacemaking dinners cost about $23 per guest. Generous individual supporters and event attendees usually cover $13 of that, but it leaves us needing $10 per guest!


Help us host a Jesus-style peace dinner by giving $400 today.

Help us set a table of 6 by giving $60 today.

Help us host a meal with others by giving $20 today.

The vast majority of us may not be able to change things at a societal level. But we can make a difference at a personal level. Come to the table with us, and let's change our cities and world in 2018.